About us


We created bubble&dream with the simple intention of making bedtime better.

Between us we have three little girls, our very own
dream experts, so we understand the challenges faced at bedtime.

Laura spent many years developing exciting new brands in London. After long days, she loved getting home to put her little girls to bed. Like most of us though, there were days she craved just walking through the door and simply falling onto the sofa with a big glass of wine.  She wasn’t afraid to admit that a little help at bedtime would make all the difference.

Helen on the other hand thrived in the fast paced world of Formula One and is now enjoying life as a stay at home mum. With her love for the magic of make believe she wanted to bring something magical to children’s bedtimes all year round.

It was over a shared need for coffee (ok and a slice of cake) that we started to dream of a way to make our children’s bath and bedtime a part of the day we all look forward to. We also loved the idea of introducing our little ones to mindfulness, something close to our hearts. It’s here that Hatch and his magical world were born.


Our excitement in Hatch grew when we started to talk about him with our little girls. He became the main topic of conversation… Mummy how big is Hatch? … What colour is he? ... Where does he live? ... Does he like peas? They even created a little voice pretending to be him.

The fantasy world of Hatch had really come to life, like the Easter bunny or Father Christmas himself. Bedtime became a breeze and the girls couldn’t wait to jump into bed and tell their dreams to their new little friend.


This wonderful bath to bedtime routine has changed our lives and we hope it will change yours too. 
We can’t wait to share Hatch and his magical world with you.


Laura and Helen