I spent many years working for some wonderful brands in London, watching them grow from seed to acquisition. I knew that one day I wanted to start my own business. I wanted to create a brand that was not only successful but also did some good.

What this was I had no idea. The inspirational entrepreneurs I had worked for always told me that I needed to fill a gap. What this gap was I thought about every single day.

After a long commute, I loved getting home and putting my girls to bed. I would walk through the door and two little people (and a very happy spaniel) would greet me with the excitement like they hadn’t seen me for years.

So happy to see these little faces, I would whisk them upstairs and get them ready for bed.  However, there were times I just wanted to fall on the sofa with a big glass of wine. (I was also guilty of desperately trying to ignore the endless emails I could hear pinging into my inbox).  

Sitting with the girls, trying to focus on my very important role as Flipper the dolphin, knowing that I had a proposal to prepare for the next day wasn’t always the easiest. It was sometimes a challenge to stop, engage and be fully present in the bedtime of my little ones.

It was during coffee with a friend and fellow Mum, whilst talking about our children’s bedtimes that we realised there was a gap, a bath to bedtime routine that was effortless, engaging and enjoyable but most importantly easy to do.

There were of course numerous bedtime aids, bath toys, storybooks, sleep lights, the list is endless but much to our surprise, no children’s sleep brand taking you from bath to bed in a simple and enjoyable way.  

So, this is where it all began, a bath to bedtime routine, simply making bedtime better. We developed a narrative that parents could follow, giving an effortless reason to engage and take away all the reasons and excuses not to.  

Now we join our new friend Hatch on his magical, enjoyable and effortless journey to bedtime. Thanks Hatch!


Happy dreaming, Laura