where did the name bubble&dream come from?

bubble&dream is a simple play on words from our routine, relaxing bubbles at bath time leading to a peaceful night’s sleep and lots of happy dreams.


in a nutshell, what is bubble&dream?

bubble&dream is an effortless bath to bedtime routine using the magic of make believe.  Weaved together by three wonderful products found in our Dreamset and our loveable character Hatch. 


what is the aim of the bubble&dream routine?

Simply to help make bedtime better.


who is hatch?

Hatch is a loveable character who lives in Dreamland and he is on a mission to help create happy dreams for all his Little Dreamers.  


what does the dreamset do?

Our Dreamset will help you introduce a subtle, enjoyable routine at bedtime.


what is in a dreamset? 

In our Dreamset you will find a 300ml Dreamwash, a magical star and Hatch and the Magic Stars Storybook.


what age is the dreamset suitable for?

It’s never too early to introduce your little one to Hatch, however we suggest that 2- 7 years (or until they believe, and we still do) is the optimum age.


how do you use the dreamset?

Please check out the HOW TO USE section on the website for a full list of instructions and helpful hints.


why should I buy the bubble&dream dreamset?

Our hope is to make bedtime easier, resulting in a better night’s sleep.  If you find bedtimes a little tricky, and we have all been there, using our routine will give you a little helping hand.  If you find bedtime a breeze, amazing! Simply use our products to bring a little bit of magic to their day. Who doesn’t love a bit of magic?


do we test on animals?

No, we do not test any of our products on animals. Hatch’s Bisox Zed would be very upset if we did.


Is the dreamwash suitable for vegans?

All our products are suitable for Vegans.


where is dreamland?

As a 5-year-old once said to us, “I think Dreamland is somewhere between Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny!”


where is the dreamwash made?

To our Little Dreamers our Dreamwash is bottled by Hatch from the magical water in Bubble Lake.  To our Big Dreamers Hatch’s Dreamwash is made right here in the UK.


I have more than one child, do i have to purchase another dreamset for them? 

We recommend a Dreamset for every Little Dreamer so they experience the magic of receiving their very own gift from Hatch.  However, you can purchase their very own star directly from our website, as ideally every Little Dreamer should have their own to tell their dreams to Hatch and snuggle at bedtime.


Is the dreamwash suitable for sensitive skin? 

Absolutely, our wash is formulated from the gentlest ingredients with a natural index of 98.6%.   However, if you or your Little Dreamer have very sensitive skin, we would strongly recommend that you test a small amount of any new product on the inside of your elbow.  If you experience any redness or tingling, let us know at hatch@bubbleanddream.com


my item was damaged in the post, what should I do? 

Because the Dreamset is a special gift all the way from Dreamland it needs to look its best.  So please do let us know if there is any damage in transit so that we can rectify this straight away – contact hatch@bubbleanddream.com


the light in my star is not working?

Oh dear, we can’t have that!  Please contact us at hatch@bubbleanddream.com and we will ask Hatch to pick a new one from the Dreamland tree.


is the packaging recyclable?

We do our very best to consider the environment, our bottles (made of sugarcane), caps, labels, gift box and book are all 100% recyclable.


do bubble&dream use preservatives in the dreamwash?

As with all natural products, a little help is needed to ensure the Dreamwash stays in its optimum condition. We use the minimum amount of preservative necessary, and we continually review the ones we use to ensure the quality of the product is what our customers expect.


what is hatch’s star

For Little Dreamers: This is a very special star Hatch has chosen especially for them from the Dreamland Tree. Coat them in magic at bath time using our Dreamwash and once snuggled into their PJs, use the star to activate a special glow so that Hatch can see their Dreams. It can also be used for comfort at any time of the day. 

For Big Dreamers: Hatch’s Star is a beautifully soft, embroidered fabric star that is used by the child to send their dreams to Hatch. It has an internal centred LED light that is activated by pressing the points (embroidered circle on the reverse of the star shows the button). We use a very long-lasting LED so the battery life should last the length of the time the star is used by the child.


i don’t like following a routine is this for me?

Of course, we would LOVE you all to follow the bubble&dream routine and so would Hatch… However, we developed this magical world with wonderful products to make your bedtime better and everyone’s bedtime needs are different, so use our products as much or as little as you need.


we don’t go straight to bed after bath time…

That’s ok! If your little one has washed in the magic Dreamwash then they will still be coated in the magic until bedtime. If you do go straight from bath to bed then the “quick don’t let the magic wear off “ will help get your little ones dry and ready for bed.


We don’t have a bath every night!

We suggest washing your little one’s hands in Dreamwash as Hatch’s star only needs the tiniest bit of magic to activate the glow.


Absolutely! We have two elements of mindfulness within the bubble&dream routine. 
One is in the bath using our Dreamwash. We encourage children to think happy thoughts to make the bubbles magical - thus sowing the seeds of positive thinking and gratitude if repeated daily. Noticing the positive things that happen in your everyday life has been proven to be a successful method of increasing your positive thinking.  

Second, is using Hatch's Star at bedtime - as part of sending their dream wishes to Hatch we encourage S.T.A.R breathing which can help calm the busiest minds moments before sleep. 

That’s ok our magical bubbles can be made in the shower too. Use the Dreamwash to wash in the bubbles to coat your little one in magic.