I have been fortunate to work for some wonderful brands with fantastic values and beliefs. These brands have steadily reinforced my passion for the importance of what we put on our bodies is as important as what we eat.

Our skin, our largest organ, absorbs what we put on it and it’s for this reason you would have hoped skincare companies would be honest about the ingredients they used in their products.

Sadly this isn’t the case; there are no legal standards for the use of the term natural and as a result skincare brands are labelling their products natural even if they contain hardly any natural ingredients at all - referred to in the industry as greenwashing.

I will always remember my first week at a leading natural skincare brand.  Whilst proudly announcing to the chemist behind all the wonderful products that I used a prestigious, natural skincare brand with a hefty price tag, I was very quickly shot down and told that I would be better off using Nivea at a fraction of the price.   The brand I was very proud of using was apparently full of chemicals.

The brand in question leads you to believe that NASA scientists play beautiful music to specially selected sea kelp. This in turn leads you to believe in the wonderful quality of the natural ingredients used to create their products. The harsh reality is that this isn’t true and the formulation contains barely any natural ingredients at all.  

Here at bubble&dream we want you to be confident that are products are exactly what they say they are.  As our values state, we are reliable and considered. Our ingredients are naturally sourced, with a considered reason behind each one as to why they have been chosen.

Our wonderful products will not only take you on a journey of magical make-believe, you can also trust in the knowledge that we care about what you use on your Little Dreamers skin as much as you do. 

We may not be playing Mozart to our lavender but you can rest assured we are honest and using the very best ingredients! #comecleanaboutbeauty


Happy dreaming, Laura