Stop, Take a breath And Relax 

Our little ones take big, deep belly breaths from the moment they are born.   

Helping them to practise their belly breathing (we also like to call this mindful breathing) can remain a life-long skill that can help them to manage their inner peace.  

STAR breathing is a beautiful way to help practise this. It will help to clear and relax their busy little minds and calm any nervous feelings.  

We designed Hatch’s STAR with this breathing technique in mind. It is a wonderful and uncomplicated way to help our little ones practise the calming technique of belly breathing.


With a finger, trace around the star, breathing in and out as you go. 

Breathing in deeply through your nose as you trace up one side of the star and out of through your mouth as you trace down the other.  

On reaching the final point activate the glow and send your dream wishes to Hatch…


Breathing is an easy way for our children to relax their mind and body. These star breaths are also a wonderful anchor for our little ones to practise being in the present.

The more mindful moments our little ones take, the more they are practicing shifting their focus to what is happening right now.

Breathing exercises can help children develop skills that will enable them to plan, focus attention, remember instructions and juggle multiple tasks successfully, some of the most important skills we can teach them.

Like any healthy habit (and we wish eating cake was one of these!) the more you practice, the more it becomes an everyday, natural response.  

Our magical tools are here to help you instil these very simple, precious skills into your Little Dreamer