We are dreamers

We created a little character called "Hatch" that lives in Dreamland, he sends a boxed gift to a child (which they discover and will believe is from Hatch) which contains a Bubbly Magic Dream Wash (quality all natural, vegan, leaping bunny approved etc), a small fabric star that emits a very subtle glow when activated, and a story book that explains who Hatch is and the routine alongside a little note from Hatch to his chosen "Little Dreamer".

The child follows the instructions from Hatch, and they will believe that through the simple actions they take they can send their Dreams to Hatch and in turn he will help them with a peaceful and a happy night’s sleep with lots of lovely dreams.

Ingredients – All about the natural ingredients we use for our dream wash and why – single illustrations of the ingredients with descriptions about them

Science – Pic of hatch looking sciency and some witty – bear with us in handwritten or something like that) Looking at the elements of brain/sleep

We are Mindful – why so important for mindful ness, support from charity Mind, what we can do to help, mindful activities for your children. Science behind it (can be linked with above). Illustration of hatch looking mindful by a tree. B&D AND THE ENVIRONMENT (sustainability)?

We are loving (In the Community) (pic of a session and person in branded gear)– at bubble&dream we would like to send one of our ambassadors to you for a 45 minute (tbc) fun session for children learning about mindfulness etc. …details , how many, how often, click to register interest etc

We are bravely simple – inludes our Panel of Dreamers - experts that we used for research and continue to do so. Black and white pics, their names and a little bit about them.

B&D and the environment – talk about how everything we do is considered – natural wash, packaging (how it is environmentally friendly). Not perfect but we aim to get as close to it as we can…